Maria Pandolfi


Maria Pandolfi, Co-Founder of The KIND Institute 

A long-time resident of South Philadelphia, Maria Pandolfi spent the first few years of her life right here in the Point Breeze neighborhood. Philadelphia has always provided a roadmap for her life, inspiring her to spend 20 years doing what she loved, creating art and teaching it to children of all ages throughout the city.

Her gratitude in hand, Pandolfi has always actively sought out ways to give back to those who deserve more and, as an award-winning educator, has found every which way she can to raise support to provide arts education to underprivileged communities across the world.

Having acted as a primary contributor to The Eco Village and The Nature School, organizations focused on helping economically disadvantage Jamaicans develop skills in order to support themselves, Pandolfi strongly believes in the ability of people to organize and create a difference both locally and internationally. With this in mind, Pandolfi co-founded The KIND Institute, in the hopes of providing every child she can an opportunity to learn how to express themselves and share their work with others, starting right here in Philadelphia.

As one of our Resident Artists as well, her artwork reflects her vision of true equality spanning issues from animal cruelty to ethical veganism. All proceeds from the sales of her work go directly to The KIND Institute to help support our operations and scholarships for deserving students.