Our Mission

The KIND Institute is an after-school arts program for children as well as a gallery space with studios used by professional artists.

Designed for young children in Point Breeze, our programs provide access to education in visual arts, music, and language.

Our goal is to mold students into inventive adults, with the skills to perform as leaders in their community. The KIND Institute teaches students new ways to comprehend and retain knowledge by addressing all learning styles.

What We Believe

We believe we can share knowledge inspiring nonviolent decisions (KIND) through arts education. We believe that all our students can live humanely. We believe that all young people can act as stewards for humankind, animals, and the planet.

What We Do

Through the arts, every student will gain the knowledge, passion, and creativity needed to make the world a better place.

To achieve that mission we opened an art gallery, started teaching art to the children of Point Breeze, organized fundraisers, hosted gallery showings, and even started an online gallery to help us sell art to fund our programs.

Why We Do It

As artists and humanitarians, we have been searching for ways in which we can bring the arts and social justice to Point Breeze, Philadelphia and the world around us. Simply put, we see a brighter tomorrow and it's beautiful.

When We Started

Since Autumn of 2013, our team began working together to help bring arts to the Point Breeze community.