Advisory Board

Nate Chatmon

Nate Chatmon, Community Engagement Liaison at The KIND Institute.

Community Engagement Liasion

Nate is a longtime resident of Point Breeze and neighbor of The KIND Institute. Small business owner, neighborhood ambassador, and supporter of the arts he is an invaluable member of the team. More often than not Nate will be on hand to greet you and he is eager to introduce you to what's going on at the Institute.

Min Kim

Min Kim, Editor in Chief at The KIND Institute.

Editor In Chief of The KIND Blog

Min Kim is the chronicler of all the good news The KIND Institute has to share with the world. He encourages you to learn more about our organization, events, and resident artists by checking out our blog.

Kim also acts as our primary point of contact for all press inquiries regarding The KIND Institute. For all press inquiries, please use our contact form on our Contact Us page.

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Carrie Leibrand

Carrie Liebrand, Gallery Director and Curator at The KIND Institute.

Gallery Director & Curator

Carrie Leibrand is a graphic designer, fine artist, and curator based in Philadelphia. With her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Minor in Art History, Carrie shares her love for exhibit design with us at The KIND Institute providing the direction and curation of our beautiful gallery.

Carrie also provides support at the Esther Klein Gallery and volunteers with the Philadelphia Mural Arts program. Her commitment to community and youth development through education, service, and the arts are a strong reflection of our mission, and we hope you can see her work at our next event!

Kevin Curtis Taylor

Kevin Curtis Taylor, strategic consultant for The KIND Institute.

Strategic Operations Consultant

Kevin Taylor is the Principal Analyst and owner of Argyle Analytics, LLC, a strategic consultancy located in Point Breeze, Philadelphia. Having been raised with an appreciation of the arts he is donating his time and skills as a strategic advisor for marketing and operations at The KIND Institute. He is passionate about the Institute's mission of keeping arts education accessible to the children is his neighborhood.